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We pride ourselves on the fact that we are 100% online training meaning that as Anglophones who have learnt and mastered the language, all the challenges our students are yet to face, we already faced it and we have a solution to them all.

We have achieved a high success rate in French examinations such as DELF/DALF and TEF. We have not set a specific target for ourselves in terms of achievements therefore we continue to just keep achieving without barriers.

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If you are a new visitor to our Online Learning Platform, click on "Register" to register and create account or "login" if are an existing user when you're on our  Homepage.

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Check your Email to Confirm your account and Reset your password

After registration, a link to confirm your registration is sent to your registered email. Proceed to check your email and follow the link to confirm your registration, and set your custom password.

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Visit Learn Online page to preview courses

Previewing courses will give you a proper guide on which course to purchase depending on your learning needs.

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Upon previewing the courses, proceed  to purchase the course of your choice on the course page or buy course page.

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After purchasing the course of your choice, your order is processed immediately and the course is made available for your downloads via your registered email.

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Study Online or Offline

Note, after downloading the course via your registered email, the course file will still be available for you to study online whenever you login to our online learning platform or you can choose to study offline at your own pace.

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Enjoy your Learning

With our best and quality course contents coupled with our best quality instructors, we are certain that our learners always have the best learning experience.

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