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we are a French language learning institute driven with passion for what we do.
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French Made Easy

French Made Easy

French Made Easy

French Made Easy

Welcome to Institut d’Etude de la langue Française

One major phenomenon we have achieved in our years of continuous learning and experimenting is that we have learned to proffer tailored-made solutions for each student based on their peculiarities. We also pride ourselves over the fact that we are 100% indigenous meaning that as Anglophones who have learned and mastered the language, all the challenges our students are yet to face, we already faced it and we have a solution to them all.

We have achieved a high success rate in French examinations such as DELF/DALF and TEF. We have not set a specific target for ourselves in terms of achievements therefore we continue to just keep achieving without barriers.

What are known for!
  • We are committed to giving you the best
  • To give you all the knowledge you need to succeed in the French Language
  • Our courses are tailored towards your satisfaction

Who We are

Institut d’Etude de la langue Française (IEF), we are a French language learning institute driven with a passion for what we do. Our quest for growth has made us develop from a school with just a few students to a community of French language enthusiasts. Since our existence, we have shown our abilities to really make French learning easy. We believe the onus of learning lies mostly on the Instructor, Method and Material hence we continue to develop, define and refine our approach to teaching.
Highlights of our Courses
Français Langue Etrangère (FLE) A1-C2/French as Second Language A1-C2

Français sur Objectif Spécifique/French for Specific Purpose

  • Français d’affaires/Business French
  • Français de Secrétariat/French for Secretaries (Bilingual Secretaries)
  • Français des Culinaires/French for Chefs
  • Français d’Hôtellerie, Restauration et Tourisme/French for Hospitality Management

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Beginners to Advance Classes  - 50%
Conversation Classes - 75%
French for Executive - 60%
Preparation for DELF/DALF - 45%
Preparation for TEF/TCF Exams - 35%

Take a look to our services

Begginers to Advance Classes

We have courses well tailored to make you grow your French language skills from zero to professional level. Learning French Language just got easy

Conversation Classes

We help to train, build and prepare you ahead so you can break that common barriers in communication with your fellow human beings from French speaking countries

French For Executive

Our courses are not just made for the beginners alone but also for the executives

Preparation for DELF/DALF

With our thoroughly selected courses, we got you covered for your DELF and DALF prepartions.

Preparation for TEF/TCF Exams

Let's help prepare you for your TEF and TCF exams with ease.

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Begin your journey now, search for courses

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Welcome to our online learning platform.  Kindly click on the representative below to chat with us on WhatSapp . You can also reach us by email via hello@ieflearning.com

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